If your little girl has her heart set on a fairy party, we have some inspirational ideas for you. Our fairy themed party ideas mix harlequins, flowers, quirky faces, pinwheels and glittery wands. We have ideas for party decorations, tableware and of course, the fairy party bags. Your little fairies can craft their own bracelets and magic wands. Create a world of make believe for your little birthday fairy.

1. Paper Cups Pink Diamond, £3.69, www.prettylittlepartyshop.co.uk

2. Fairy Party Bag, £4.90, www.cottontwist.co.uk

3. Pastel Pinwheel Decorations, £13, www.papermash.co.uk

4. Watercolour Buttercream Party Cake, www.sweetapolita.com

5. Fairy Party Boxes, £15, www.cottontwist.co.uk

6. Flower Party Hats, £5.45, www.partykitsch.co.uk

7. Pretty Face Candy Cups, £3, www.partykitsch.co.uk