Get the kids in the mood with these brilliant pirate party invitations from Party Kitsch. Ooo argh! Then set the scene with the decorations; red bunting, helium filled skull and crossbone balloons and pirate themed tableware. And of course, don’t forget the party games; we think your little pirates will treasure their pirate party boxes. Cute crafts to keep the kids amused. Well shiver me timbers, what a pirate party success!

1. Pirate Party Boxes, £15,

2. 10 Pirate Party Invitations, £10,

3. Red Triangle Bunting, £7.45,

4. Paper Cups Teal Blue Stars, £3.69,

5. Pirate Pete Jolly Ginger, £6,

6. Ahoy There Pirate Ship Centrepiece, £18,

7. Pirate Party Bag Black Beard, £4.50,

8. 10 Skull Balloons, £3.50,