Easter Craft Extravaganza: Egg-citing Ideas and a Cute Treasure Hunt!

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to dive into some egg-citing craft ideas that will not only bring joy to your home but also spark creativity in every member of the family. From adorable egg cress heads to a delightful Easter treasure hunt, we've got you covered with fun and free activities that will make this holiday memorable.


Egg Cress Heads: Growing Fun for All Ages

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Looking for a craft that combines creativity with a dash of greenery? Look no further than egg cress heads! This simple yet delightful activity is perfect for kids and adults alike. All you need are some eggshells, potting soil, cress seeds, googly eyes and markers.  You can also get our Race Car, Aeroplane or Camper Van Egg Cups to put your eggs in.

Start by carefully cracking the top of the eggshells and emptying them out (don't forget to save the eggs for a tasty omelet!). Then, decorate the eggshells with markers to give them personality – think funny faces, colorful patterns, or even little Easter-themed scenes.

Next, fill the eggshells with potting soil and sprinkle cress seeds on top. Water them gently and place them in a sunny spot on your windowsill. In just a few days, you'll start to see the cress sprouting, creating adorable little hairdos for your egg characters. It's a fun and educational way to teach kids about plant growth while adding a charming touch to your Easter décor.


Get Ready for an Egg-citing Easter Hunt with Kraft Packs!

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The beauty of these packets lies in their versatility. You can fill them with any goodies you like, from classic chocolate mini eggs to colourful candies or even small toys and trinkets. The possibilities are endless! For our hunt, we chose to fill our packs with mini eggs because, let's face it, they rock – who can resist those deliciously chocolatey treats?

Making your own packets is easy and fun. Once your packets are ready, it's time to fill them with goodies. Choose a variety of treats that will delight and surprise your little hunters. Remember to keep in mind any allergies or dietary restrictions when selecting your goodies

If you're hosting a large egg hunt with multiple participants, consider assigning each child a specific colour of packet to hunt for. This will ensure that everyone gets an equal share of the goodies and help prevent any potential disputes or arguments.

Hide your packets in various locations around your chosen hunting area, making sure to spread them out evenly to give everyone a fair chance at finding them. Then sit back, relax, and watch as the excitement unfolds.


With these egg-citing craft ideas and a cute treasure hunt to boot, this Easter is sure to be one for the books. So gather your supplies, round up your fellow crafters, and get ready to make some egg-ceptional memories together. Happy crafting, and happy Easter!