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Have Your Elf a Merry Little Christmas

Have Your Elf a Merry Little Christmas

Introducing our cheeky little elf in a tin. We love him for all the many role play & imaginative games he can inspire, but also because he can be a great prompt for some Christmas activities. I thought I’d set up some little scenarios using the elf for my girls over the Christmas period, a little bit in the manner of the elf on the shelf, but a little more lowkey! Really simple pleasures and small activities, but wonderful nonetheless. I created some little scenes overnight and then would use that to inform our own activities. The first one I set up was getting cosy with a Christmas film, our little Elvis (name as picked by my the girls!) was spoilt with a bed of popcorn and a pile of DVDs. Here are some other ideas...

Next up, a hot chocolate making station. As you can see below, Elvis got a tad carried away with the milk moustache! This is the perfect thing to do on a chilly afternoon, making an extra indulgent hot chocolate station. Use real chocolate chips and then add all the trimmings, this is one of my favourite wintery things to do, and a lovely way to get the kids helping with making in the kitchen. I use mini ramekins with marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles and flavoured syrups. I set up Elvis propped in between all the ingredients, surveying all the deliciousness!

Treat yo’elf! Toasting mini marshmallows on a birthday candle! This is such a sweet little activity. I nestled Elvis in front of a viennese whirl with a birthday candle as a make shift campfire and put mini marshmallows on cocktail sticks, ready to toast. So yummy and such a simple quick activity, but one of those little moments that you will all remember.

Dressing your elf - while in his cosy tin, Elvis is perfectly toasty, but once out I decided to add a tartan scarf. This is so cute for a crafting session – making up little outfits for your elves, you could use scraps of felt and fabrics, yarn and all sorts to add some simple accessories to adorn your elf.

On the theme of creativity, drawing your elf is a fab after school activity. I created a little elf portrait of Elvis and then got the girls to do their own - the actual elf is great for drawing around and then creating your own elf, there are so many opportunities to personalise your elf, what pattern do you do on their clothes? Could you collage on some scrap papers for clothes, a pom pom for the hat? The possibilities are endless!

Elvis likes a good bedtime story as much as the rest of us, so I pulled out all our festive stories and popped them in a little nook to read in. Incase you were interested, we had ‘Pick a Pine Tree’, ‘Angelina’s Christmas’ and my favourite ‘The Ballet Shoes’.

And finally, bath time! Now I definitely don’t recommend putting your elf in water! But this is such a fun one to set up, your elf’s tin becomes its boat and it can sail into the sunset! So you could get some special bubble bath, a bath bomb, or you could do like I do and mix up some bath salts with dried flowers for an extra special bath time treat. I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas, I’d love to know if you try any with your families.