Set the tone for your carnival party with flamboyant decorations by mixing up the lanterns with the neon garlands. Drink from gold foiled straws, eat from feathered food boxes, & give the burro piñata a good bash. Finally, gift the party blower & carnival mask kits to your guests for their party bags. Are you feeling the carnival beat yet?

1. Paper Globe Spots and Stripes Party Decorations, £10.75,

2. Carnival Party Bag, £4.50,

3. Toot Sweet Harlequin Pattern Large Napkins, £4.50,

4. Neon Pom Pom Garland, £9,

5. Gold Foiled Straws, £4.75,

6. Burro Piñata, £11.10,

7. Carnival Party Boxes, £15,