Meet our Emmeline Pankhurst peg doll!

It's been a busy week here with the exciting collaboration that I’ve been working on with Suze from Thea Chops ready to launch in time for International Women’s Day.  Using Suze’s rhyming stories (which teach kids about equality) & our craft kits, we’ve created a 'make your own Emmeline Pankhurst' peg doll, and she’s launched just in time for International Women’s Day.


I’m super excited to be working with Suze on this.  I’m a huge fan of her books & I think this is a great way for children to learn through the synergy of her rhyming story & my crafts. The rhyming story is such an accessible way for children to learn about who Emmeline was, & we're both hoping that this is something that kids and parents alike are going to love.
Our plan is to follow Emmeline with a series of Wonderful Women we admire from both history and present day, so kids can learn and create at the same time.  Follow this story on the hastag, #wonderfulwomenwelove