Make Your Own Spinning Toys
Here are some more instructions on how to make our spinning toys! 

To start, colour in Whizzers 1 & 2.
Then gently push Whizzers 1, 2 & 3 out from the sheet.
Remove the holes in the centres with a sharpish object.
Place Whizzer 2 underneath Whizzer 3 and line up the holes and the teeth on the outside of the shape. You may need to twist one of the shapes a bit to find the correct position.
Pop Whizzer 2 on top & line up again.
Undo the bundled thread & start to wrap it all around the whizzers using the notches on the perimeter. 
Tie the thread in position to make the process easier.
Create a criss cross pattern to hold the sandwich together.
Tie a double knot to secure the final wrap!
Trim the ends. The threads create fun patterns when you spin, & they make the craft fully plastic free. If you have glue to hand, you may want to glue the circles together if you'd prefer to skip the stage with the threads.
Thread the coloured string through the central holes to form one big loop. 
Knot the ends!
Place your index fingers inside the loops from above.
Wind the string 40 - 50 times by spinning them round like a skipping rope. Then to make your whizzer spin, gently pull your hands in & out in a continuous motion for the ultimate whizz & whirr! It should make a proper whizzing noise. Watch out - it's super addictive.!!!