One of our favourite party themes, the cowboy party is all about the Wild West; the party decorations include cacti, canoes, stars, feathers and gingerwathas! Make sure you give your little cowboys and native Americans our Western themed party bags so they can craft their own Wild West headdress and cowboy peg doll at home.

1. Cowboy Party Boxes, £15,

2. Gold Star Beverage Napkins, £3.99,

3. Pow Wow Straws, £3.50,

4. Pow Wow Snack Canoes, £7,

5. Green Cactus Paper Garland, £10.55,

6. Cowboy Party Bag, £4.90 ,

7. Gingerwatha Jolly Ginger, £6,

8. Yellow Triangle Cups, £4,