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'You & Me' Heart Bracelet Instructions

'You & Me' Heart Bracelet Instructions
One of our latest creations is our 'You & Me' heart bracelet kit. This has been especially designed to emotionally connect you with a loved one, regardless of whether you’re physically together or apart. Be it mother and daughter, or two best friends, the components for our You & Me bracelet cater for two, and can be sized accordingly.

The ultimate bonding craft activity to make and cherish with a loved one, or the perfect personalised gift to send off as a keepsake for that special someone to let them know that you are thinking of them. This gift could also be a perfect activity & gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

I know some people were a bit nervous about the instructions on the QR code, but we really hope this makes this process enjoyable & super clear. 

To make your bracelets:
1. Choose one colour for each bracelet thread and cut your two chosen pieces in half.
2. Size both bracelet threads, leaving a 1cm leeway. We recommend 9 beads per side for adults, and 7 beads per side for children.
3. Using a lark’s head knot, loop each half of thread around each side of the heart charms so that they form the centrepiece of the bracelet. 
4. String the beads through the bracelet thread, using the needle provided if preferable.
5. To seal off each end, tie 3 normal knots over each-other to make a stopper.   
6. Then string one final bead through all four threads.
7. Section the thread into twos again and tie a normal knot 1.5cm away from the final bead. This is to make a loop to tie the tassel on.
To make your tassel-ends:
1. Choose your tassel colour and cut all of the threads together on the side with the loose end. Put the longest strand of thread to one side.
2. Push the tassel bunch through the loops and fold it in half.
3. Wrap the extra piece of thread around the middle of the tassel and double-knot it tightly to secure it.
4. Neaten your tassel by trimming the ends.
5. One of your bracelets is ready. Repeat the processes above to make the other bracelet & enjoy.