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You & Me Tassel Keyring Instructions

You & Me Tassel Keyring Instructions

One of our latest creations is our 'You & Me' tassel keyring kits for yourself and a loved one to keep each-other ‘clipped on’ wherever and whenever. Ideal for children wishing to gift their special friend with something heartfelt and personal, our You & Me Keyring is the perfect token of love.

Our tassel making guide below is here to help inspire & guide you through this craft. It includes a simple keyring mechanism, a range of different coloured threads, multi-coloured spherical beads & geometric beads, & matching ‘big’ and ‘little’ heart charms.

I know some people were a bit nervous about the instructions on the QR code, but we really hope this makes this process enjoyable & super clear. 

To make your keyring charms:

1.Choose one colour for your keyring threads and cut them into the lengths of your choice.

2. Using a lark’s head knot, loop the keyring threads around the metal ring.


3. String the beads through the keyring threads with the needle provided. Mix and match with the geometric and spherical beads provided.

4. To seal off each end, tie 3 normal knots over each-other to make a stopper.


5. For your threads with tassel-ends tie a normal knot 1.5cm away from the final bead. This is to make a loop to tie the tassel on.

6. For your threads with heart-charm-ends, use a lark’s head knot again to attach the keyring thread to the heart, loop the thread back up the beads and cut off any excess.



To make your tassels:

1. Choose your tassel colour and cut all of the threads together on the side with the loose end. Put the longest strand of thread to one side.

2. Push the tassel bunch through the loops and fold it in half.


3. Wrap the extra piece of thread around the middle of the tassel and double-knot it tightly to secure it.


4. Neaten your tassel by trimming the ends.